Melius organizes training courses and seminars addressed to educational and vocational guidance practitioners, career consultants, recruiters, and trainers, such as:


  • Personal branding and social media in job search;
  • Policies and practices: tools for guidance and professional development;
  • Counselling techniques and methods;
  • Curriculum vitae building;
  • Active job search.

Melius participates research projects contributing to improve learning offer of schools and universities, and to initiatives promoting youth policies, then contributing to improve governance of education and training and labour systems.



–        PASCL

–        OSA

–        SMOC

–        PRECOLL

–        YOUTH

–        ICT Skills 2: ICT Tools and Training for e-practitioners

–        eGOS -e-Guidance e-gOvernment Services

–        Career Counsellors’ Interactive Training

–        ECGC – European Career Guidance Certificate

–        GLEAN: Growing Levels of Employability | Entrepreneurship in Agriculture for NEETs

–        CAREVOLUTION: New Roles and Competences for an Integrated Home Care for Elderly People with Chronic Diseases