The Virtual Tours project

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From experience, as well as from literature, young students and graduates are not enough prepared for the world of work:

-They are not aware about their vocations, their aspirations, their competences and skills as they are not aware about the needs of enterprises in terms of skills;

-They have little or no knowledge about working settings, although most of them are involved in stages/work placements during the university years;

-Career offices should deal with a huge population of students, and sometimes there is no possibility to offer individualised paths.

This has brought to define specific needs:

-Higher education students should be provided with transversal skills related to business culture and work ethics;

-The process of self-reflection on career issues should be promoted;

-There is a need of pooling resources and provide structured learning offers on business culture;

-Higher education institutions should provide services and learning opportunities to develop transversal skills.

V-TOURS contributes to answer the identified needs by providing:

Online learning resources addressing transversal topics related to business culture and work ethics;

Virtual tours, as online streaming events to allow students to ‘visit’ companies and deal with employers;

Self-reflection and self-assessment exercises provided by using parts of the recorded videos or other media, to stimulate reflection about topics related to business culture.