Maria Chiara Vita Finzi. She carries out project planning and management activities in national and transnational (programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Leonardo and Youth Joint Actions, VI Framework Programme, European Social Fund, CIP ICT-PSP, Progress) projects dealing with the implementation, management and development of innovative services in the field of educational, training and professional career counselling and guidance, with the use of the most innovative ICT tools and techniques. She has been eGOS project transnational coordinator  and coordinates all the projects and services about career counselling and guidance managed by Melius for public bodies and universities.

She is external evaluator of project financed by the European Commission.

She has carried out and carries out activities of entrepreneurial training, as part of the field of the insertion into the labour market of unemployed people.

Furthermore  she coordinates, as technical assistance to Melius customers, activities of financial  and administrative management of funded projects. From 2003 to 2006 she was the financial officer of projects carried out in the Guidance and Employment Unit of the organisation ASTER s. cons. p.a and she managed the allocation of financial resources of the Unit. As expert in general and costs accounting and she taught for more than 10 years (till 2003) budgeting, management control and business simulation within ESF funded projects.



GPGigliola Paviotti. She works as researcher and project designer in education, training/labour market and social development fields, with reference to ICTs use. She designed, planned and coordinated several transnational projects, participating in studies and contributing to the development tools supporting job search, to the development of sectorial competences’ frameworks, and to the development of software and methods for personalization and enhanced quality of e-learning.

She works as external evaluator for projects granted by the European Commission, and she was member of the working group of the study “Multilingualism: between policy objectives and implementation” commissioned by the European Parliament to evaluate the implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

She teaches Project Cycle Management and project planning. She has been consultant to research centres and universities for developing internationalization strategies.




NNaldiNicoletta Naldi. Graduated in Pedagogy, after a ten-year work experience within multinational corporations in marketing and communication areas, focused on career counselling, starting from a post graduate degree in Training and Guidance. In past 15 years she has worked in guidance, career counselling and coaching. She designed guidance and career coaching pathways addressed to young people, either graduate or not, entering the labour market; adults in work transitions; professionals looking for new job opportunities.

Aside individual guidance, counselling and coaching, she design and carries out seminars and workshops on topics related to career, such as personal branding, digital persona management, self-marketing.





Melius was founded in 2006 by Maria Chiara Vita Finzi, Cristina Cogoi and Francesca Torlone: the company was awarded the best entrepreneurial idea by the Provincial Authority of Bologna – Industry, Handicrafts and Trade Unit (2006).