precollPRECOLL was a process-oriented project aimed at ensuring a strong institutional commitment and partnership with relevant stakeholders for fostering innovation transfer in LLL policies. Regional and local Governments will become key actors of institutional learning, able to accelerate the inclusion of their local territories in the process of modernisation and global growth.


Further development of existing web based support services has been carried out: online database of policy measures and ad hoc search engine on regional policies. The database contains about 500 policy practices’ descriptions and the search engine will facilitate the exploration of various regional/local Government web sites.


PRECOLL further developed the online tools available at by extending their use to as much EU Regions and local authorities as possible.


The PRECOLL project leaded by the University of Florence has been financed by the European Commission within the new Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, NLLS-National Lifelong Learning Strategies (March 2009-February 2010).


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