pasclThe PASCL project lead by ESU, the European Students Union, has been approved in the frame of Lifelong Learning Programme 2013. Melius is the lead partner for the quality assurance and evaluation activities. The project started in October 2013 and will last till May 2016. The project is aimed at the implementation at European level of the Student Centered Learning approach and culture in the HEI.


PASCL project will develop an assessment framework, including definition of standards and criteria for the assessment, guidelines for higher education institutions, establishment of procedural rules and training scheme for the SCL experts. Through the framework, the experts will be able to start a thorough conversation with the teaching department (administrative body), leadership of the institution, teachers and students on challenges and opportunities in implementing SCL. Based on the outcomes of assessment, experts’ team will prepare a set of recommendations for future enhancements. Good practices will be promoted through special “Student-centred institution” awards that will be given out on the annual basis. This will create more visibility around excellence in teaching from the side of national policy makers, institutional leadership and especially students.


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