Event in Tolmezzo, about the Enhanced Home Care Worker profile

Event in Tolmezzo, about the Enhanced Home Care Worker profile...

On May 10, a meeting will be held in Tolmezzo (UD) at Cramars premises (http://www.coopcramars.it), presenting the Enhanced Home Care Worker profile proposed by the Carevolution project, involving many home care workers. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and validate the European profile and training curriculas developed by the project partners after a deep analysis of the unmet needs in the field in different Countries. An additional meeting will take place in the following days, with a different group of operators. Participants’ feedback will allow the project and the training course to be further improved in view of its exploitation in further...
Home care workers: Carevolution analysis

Home care workers: Carevolution analysis

The analysis carried out in the frame of the Carevolution project has considered the good practices, the existing profiles and the unmet needs in the four Partner countries, showing that a high level of differences, but also some relevant common points, can be found in this field. The study has been the start point for the New Home Care Worker profile. See the Carevolution page for the...
QAREER – Quality of Career Services Report

QAREER – Quality of Career Services Report...

La prima pubblicazione del progetto QAREER – Quality Assurance of Career Services in Higher Education, è ora disponibile al seguente link: Quality of career services. Toward a European Reference...
The 1st Carevolution newsletter

The 1st Carevolution newsletter

Here we are with the main news from the project! Please download it from the Carevolution project page!

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The 1st Carevolution newsletter