ecgcThe ECGC aim was to develop a standardised and internationally transferable certification system (“ECGC-certificate”) to acknowledge formally or non-formally acquired knowledge/skills/ competences of career guidance counsellors, compatible with the existing training offers.

To attain the ECGC-exam/certificate was is not required to visit a certain course offer – the examinee can decide him/herself how to prepare for the exam/certificate depending on the already existent knowledge/skills/competences (whether to visit a course or study a book suggested by the ECGC-software).

ECGC was developed on the basis of the MEVOC competence standards for career guidance counsellors ( that have been developed on the basis of all relevant international standards for career guidance counsellors (e.g. IAEVG/AIOSP-standards, Canadian standards etc.).

The ECGC project has been funded by the European Commission within the new Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, Leonardo da Vinci programme, Transfer of Innovation. It will last 2 years from January 2008 and to December 2010.


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